• Single or three-phase electrical connections
    • Obtaining technical approval for connection
    • Drawing up technical file for the installation of use

Electrical connections of any kind can be a challenge, especially for a beginner or a person who has never had contact with this world. For this reason, it is often recommended that you hire a team of professionals for any task that involves electricity in one way or another. The dangers are imminent and there is no real reason to make such mistakes while we are just a click away.

Trust our professionalism when you want to choose 0.23 – 0.4 KV electrical hookup services. Most general electrical problems can be solved immediately by our professionals because of the expertise, experience and state-of-the-art equipment we use.

Before starting absolutely any action our specialists will analyze with you all the requirements you have and will look for the most applied solutions for the needs they identify. You can rely on us to complete a quality project because we are well trained and have extensive experience in this field. Whether you need single-phase or three-phase electrical connections, the drawing up of a technical file or the obtaining of a technical approval for connection, we will come to your aid.

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