Earthing or grounding is a basic protection in any electrical installation and helps to avoid electrocution and protect electrical equipment.

It is important that it is checked with an approved device after the work has been carried out and periodically every 6-12 months to see if it is still in good condition.

Lightning protection is a system that provides protection against lightning strikes and protects your property and your life against fires that may occur.

Every electrical system must have earthing facilities as they are a vital safety feature of the electricity supply network. According to current standards, the earthing socket must be checked at least once a year to find out what the earth leakage resistance value is. It is this component that tells us whether or not the earthing socket is efficient and whether or not it ensures that the network operates within normal parameters.

Earthing safety measures are taken precisely to protect people and electrical networks, but also to ensure that electrical equipment and installations in buildings operate normally, maintaining the highest level of safety.

That is why it is important to bear in mind that whenever you need such services you should call on a company that has been authorised by the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE). Thus, on the basis of this approval the company can carry out electrical checks and other inspections. We offer you these services at the highest degree of safety and efficiency and of course, we promise to do our utmost to ensure your continued peace of mind.

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