These checks should be made regularly on all electrical installations to avoid accidents and penalties from the inspection institutions.

After the checks have been carried out, test reports are issued with the measurement data.

By carrying out PRAM checks by a company certified by ANRE, it is verified that the electrical installations and equipment are safe in operation at the time.

The most common measurements are:

1. Dispersion resistance for earthing sockets
2. Insulation resistance of cables and conductors
3. Protective conductor continuity
4. RCD disconnection time test

In the terminology for commissioning and routine operation of electrical equipment PRAM inspection is described as a safety measure that everyone must ensure. The purpose of this is to assess the effectiveness of the system that protects both the installation and the building from atmospheric electrical discharges.

These PRAM examinations can confirm or refute the degree of protection provided by the electrical installation during operation in the event of faults of this nature. That is why we provide a series of verification services, which we offer on a regular basis and which aim to avoid penalties from inspection bodies, but which will also save you from any inconvenience.

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