Why are regular checks on electrical installations extremely important?

Today, electrical installations are a necessity of modern life. While safety is paramount, it is very important to have an efficient electrical installation that operates within normal parameters. Factors such as age, deterioration and wear and tear will lead to a decrease in effectiveness and an increased risk of fire or other major incidents. It is therefore important to check your electrical installations regularly. This can ensure that they are safe and efficient so that you feel comfortable at all times.

Maintenance of the electrical system refers to the regular checking of the electrical system to prevent or treat possible faults detected. At the same time, these checks should be carried out by ANRE authorised companies specialised in the field, in order to avoid any mistakes that could lead to much greater complications of the problem.

How often is a regular inspection necessary?

Companies are obliged by law to have the electrical system checked once a year, while individuals are not, but it is recommended that a full check be carried out at least once every 10 years.

So, regular electrical checks are extremely important for your safety, security and comfort both at home and at work. Properly maintained electrical installations reduce the risk of serious accidents caused by electric shocks and provide a safe environment for using electricity. Don’t forget to schedule an electrical installation inspection!!!

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