Electro Instal Constantin offers a wide range of services for backup sources, including installation, commissioning and servicing. The company also offers consultancy to identify the most efficient technical and economical solutions to meet customers’ needs for backup power supply.

The main solutions include generators, used both as a primary power source in remote locations or on construction sites in their early stages, and as a back-up source in situations requiring a high level of power supply reliability. They are essential for so-called vital receptors, which fall into two categories: those that do not allow power interruptions of more than one second and those that allow interruptions of up to 5 minutes.

The generators on offer range in power from 5-1400 kVA and only operate stably if they are charged to at least one third of their rated power. Factors such as altitude, air temperature and humidity and the power factor of the load are important when choosing a genset.

Electronic starters are recommended for large electric motors to avoid voltage and frequency drops when starting machines. For vital consumers with high power requirements, it is suggested to carry out a techno-economic study for the use of several high power units.

Generating sets are also used as a primary power source for remote locations, cottages and construction sites. They can have powers ranging from 2.5 to tens of kVA, providing optimal power supply to site machinery and offering advantages such as independence from the electricity grid and the ability to compensate for peak loads.

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) are used for situations that require power supply without interruption or sine wave distortion, such as computing equipment or electromedical equipment. These systems include an auxiliary power supply, a converter and a voltage tracking system, ensuring a constant, high-quality power supply. In case of prolonged outages, quick-start generators are recommended, offering an efficient and economical solution.

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