The bureaucratic process of connecting to the electricity grid can be long and tedious if you are not familiar with the field or if you do not have enough time to request and complete the necessary documents. By calling in a specialist firm, you can save both time and money and get all the documents you need to start installing your electrical system as quickly as possible.

The legal steps to be taken to connect to the electricity network are as follows:

1. Submission of applications for connection to the electricity grid or for power surcharges (domestic and industrial consumers)

2. Obtaining the Technical Approval for Connection (ATR)

The Technical Connection Notice is the written opinion, valid only for a specific site, issued by the grid operator at the request of a consumer, on the possibilities and conditions for connection to the electricity grid.

3. Preparation of the technical file for the user installation

The user installation or “indoor installation” refers to the entire electrical installation existing in a person’s property.

This file should include:

the contractor’s declaration that the requirements of the technical connection notice are met , the implementation of the user installation on the basis of the technical project verified in accordance with the law, in compliance with the technical standards in force;
the minutes confirming that checks have been carried out and that acceptance has been obtained on completion of the work, with the appropriate results, test bulletins, etc.
Where appropriate, the user installation file may also include the following documents:

single-wire diagram of the user installation at interface level with the connection installation, connection station or main switchboard, specifying the protections provided for and their settings;
the diagram of the connection to the network for the use of own sources, approved by the network operator.
The file for the use installations is drawn up by an A.N.R.E. authorised electrician or by the executing company (certified by A.N.R.E.).

4. Execution of 0,23/0,4 kV electricity supply works

Actual execution of the electrical circuit installation works.

Electro Instal Constantin provides you with complete services for the connection to the electricity network, from the preparation of all the necessary documents and the submission of the completed documents, to the execution of the connection works to the electricity network.