The importance of correct implementation and maintenance of electrical installations

When we think of the electrical installation of a building, we really think of the loneliness of the people in that building. Whether we’re talking about our own home, the space we work in, or an institution we’re just visiting, failure to implement and maintain electrical installation can put the safety of the people in those buildings at risk. This is why we must regularly request maintenance services for electrical installations if we want to avoid any dangers. It is advisable to call in specialist electrical contractors when we want to carry out or just check electrical installations.

High quality services at affordable prices

Are you from Slobozia or its surroundings and need an electrician? Elecro Instal Constantin is the solution. Our specialized team of electricians in Ialomita offers services for all your needs, whether it’s a new electrical installation or maintenance of your old one. At Electro Instal Constantin, we pride ourselves on providing high quality service at affordable prices. We believe that everyone should have access to expert service, so we make sure our rates are always affordable.

Your trusted partner

We offer electrical installation services for both residential and industrial areas in Slobozia city and the surrounding areas. We take care of the design, execution, commissioning and verification of electrical installations, in accordance with the standards and regulations in force. At the same time, in our portfolio you can find works for: houses, blocks, shops, public institutions, warehouses, office buildings and industrial halls.