What is PRAM verification?

PRAM is short for Protection by Automation Relays and Measurement, and PRAM verification refers to the periodic review of the earthing and lightning protection installation so as to prevent electrocution of personnel using the electrical installation and work equipment, fires and damage to electrical equipment. Following PRAM verification by an ANRE accredited firm, a bulletin will be issued containing the data of the measurements taken. If problems with electrical installations have been found, they must be rectified as soon as possible, as failure to produce a PRAM conformity certificate may result in a fine of up to 10,000 lei under the law on health and safety at work.

A PRAM certificate or bulletin must contain the following documents:

  • Contract/Order or other form of economic collaboration (showing the identification data of the providing company).
  • ANRE certificate (copy).
  • ANRE authorization of the electrician in charge of the work (in copy) – according to the Labour Protection Regulations, the work must be carried out by at least 2 persons, one Qualified and Competent (internally authorized grade IV SSM) and one Trained (internally authorized grade II SSM).
  • Metrological Verification Certificate of the apparatus with which the measurements were made (copy).
  • Test/Verification Bulletins (original).
  • Recommendations, if a deficiency is found.
  • Final installation verification report (if applicable).
  • Recommendation for the next verification date.
  • When and how is a PRAM verification done?

The PRAM check is done once every 6 or 12 months. It is recommended that the PRAM check is done once every 6 months, but a full check is mandatory once a year (earthing, electrical panel, sockets and machinery).

The check comprises 3 steps:

  • Visual check
  • Testing
  • Recording the results

Who should you contact for a PRAM check in Ialomita?

If you want to carry out a PRAM check, call a specialised ANRE accredited company in Slobozia or its surroundings, then call Electro Instal Constantin. Our team of professionals will take care of the whole verification process in a safe and efficient way.